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Has Trevor Noah Ever Invested In Bitcoin?

Has Trevor Noah invested in Bitcoin through the Bitcoin Revolution platform? In this, we investigate the validity of the rumours.

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Reports of South African comedian Trevor Noah leaving his job at The Daily Show to pursue Bitcoin trading have been circulating despite confirmation from the comedian. While he might have an income worthy of investment, the reports regarding how he is either actively to passively adding to his income and bank account seem misaligned with the truth.

As an author of a number one best seller, a political activist in his commentry and a fame in comedy and television, Noah is in the spotlight which has resulted in rumours about his investments, particularly with regards to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Numerous media houses and agencies have claimed that Noah has used a Bitcoin trading platform to earn cryptocurrency. However, upon investigation, it appears that these rumours are unfounded and stem from fake news platforms.

What is the net worth of Trevor Noah?

Noah, with number of different gigs bringing in money including passive income from sales from his published book, was reported to have a net worth of $30 million USD earlier this year. At present, it has been reported that he is valued at closer to $50 million USD. According to Forbes, this makes him the fourth highest-paid comedian in the world. His earnings come from his career hosting The Daily Show, his live standup comedy performances, sales from his book ‘Book a Crime’, and (on the odd occasion), radio DJ gigs.

Despite the reports which imply this; Noah has not made any public claims that he has earnings from Bitcoin or cryptocurrency investments.

Has Trevor Noah Used Bitcoin Revolution Or A Trading Platform?

The suggestions are that Noah has used a trading platform to conduct Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trades. Specifically, Bitcoin Revolution is the platform which the comedian is alleged to use. This is an automated trading site which conducts trades on the behalf of the investor through data-driven algorithmic devices. This software has been developed so that traders can earn passive income without needing to watch Bitcoin movements and lose sleep trying to keep up on trading all day.

Research into any public communication, investment conversation, and discourse into his finances has shown that any claims that suggest that Trevor Noah has invested in Bitcoin are false. It it likely that these fake rumours emerge from marketers who have heard something that might hint at Bitcoin and rumours started to circulate.

Why Are There Rumours About Trevor Noah & Bitcoin Revolution

Furthermore, the false rumours about Noah and a Bitcoin investment through Bitcoin Revolution likely stem from affiliate marketers who try to use the influence that celebrities have from their fans. If a fan believes that Noah might be invested in Bitcoin, they are more likely to lean towards Bitcoin Revolution or a cryptocurrency trading platform. However, these tactics are manipulative and are made to make money from vulnerable investors.

Can You Actually Make Money With Bitcoin Revolution?

While Noah might not be invested in Bitcoin through Bitcoin Revolution, it is still a platform which traders use to make money. As one of the primary goals of a trader is to make profit, it is important to understand whether Bitcoin Revolution is legitimate or a fraudlent website. According to reviews and research, it appeards that the platform is one of the genuine automated trading sites which traders have used to make profit. From testimonials and user responses, there is a positive sentiment and opinion about the validity of the platform. This means that there is the possibility to make a profit from Bitcoin Revolution. However, it is worthwhile noting that cryptocurrency can be a volatile market and any loss of funds can be attritubed to immediate shifts in the price of Bitcoin.

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