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Has Martin Lewis Invested in Bitcoin?

Martin Lewis is well known as the money saving expert. He is a UK born entrepreneur and founder of the acclaimed website Money Saving Expert. He is an award-winning campaigning journalist, TV and radio presenter, newspaper columnist, charity founder and author.

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Martin Lewis is well known as the money-saving expert. He is a UK born entrepreneur and founder of the acclaimed website Money Saving Expert. He is an award-winning campaigning journalist, TV and radio presenter, newspaper columnist, charity founder and author. Martin Lewis has been providing his users with expert financial advice, particularly where saving money is concerned.

He studied government and law at the London School of Economics, before branching into broadcast journalism at Cardiff University. After graduating, he landed a job in this field, working as a producer for BBC Radio Five Live. Since then, the finance journalist has appeared on a number of different TV shows as a money expert.

You may have heard or read about Martin’s recent bitcoin investments and various cryptocurrency endorsements online and on social media. We decided to look further into his investments and endorsements of cryptocurrency to establish whether these claims are in fact true.

Why is Martin Lewis Famous?

Martin’s claim to fame started when he founded the Money Saving Expert website in 2003. Soon his expert saving advice was shared across the media and on social networks around the world. His website has won a variety of different awards. The Times has reported the webpage as one of the “ten that stun with sheer insight or inspired rich media”. Martin grew steadily in popularity and was soon invited to appear on many different talk shows to offer his expert financial advice.

What TV Shows has Martin Lewis Featured On?

Lewis has been on many daytime TV shows and he has even founded his own. Since 2012, he has co-presented The Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV alongside Loose Women’s Saira Khan. He has also regularly featured on It Pays to Watch!, Tonight, Good Morning Britain, Watchdog and Lorraine.

So, how much is Martin Lewis’ net worth?

According to The Sunday Times Rich List he has a small fortune of £128 million. It has been reported that Lewis sold in 2012, to in an £87 million deal, with the Money Saving Expert receiving £60 million in cash and shares. Lewis, allegedly retains a £17.1 million stake and it has been reported that he made more than £44 million in deferred payments and share sales.

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Has Martin Lewis Invested in Bitcoin?

There have been reports that Martin Lewis bought £250’s worth of cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Similar reports have also suggested that Martin has made considerable amounts of money off these investments and seems to be pleased with the way cryptocurrency has been paying off. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that these claims are true, since Lewis has publicly denounced such reports and has even taken to Twitter to express his disappointment with the inaccuracy of these reports.

Why Have These Fake Reports Been Circulating in the Media?

Lewis has expressed that he has had his likeness used by scammers for fake Bitcoin adverts. Affiliate marketers usually use this tactic to generate more views or get more traffic to a particular website. Celebrities are usually prime targets for these types of scams as they have a huge following and any affiliation would increase the credibility of a product or service.

Is Bitcoin a Profitable Investment?

Bitcoin has grown in popularity since it was launched in 2009. Multiple studies have been conducted and have proved that millennials and younger investors, in particular, have grown increasingly critical of traditional financial service providers and banks in the wake of the 2008 recession. According to reports, at least 40% of these millennials have indicated that they intend to invest in cryptocurrency in the future.

Although it may be easier for new investors to purchase digital assets right now, there are still a few crucial factors investors should consider before buying into the cryptocurrency market.

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