Has Kate Garraway invested in Bitcoin or endorsed crypto?

Has the television host of Good Morning Britain Kate Garraway invested in Bitcoin through trading platforms? In this, we explore.

Good Morning Britain is a popular UK television show featuring four celebrity presenters offering news in a magazine-styled manner. With Kate Garraway, Ben Shephard, Piers Morgan and Susan Reid as the leading presenters, the show gains attention and has become one of the beloved shows given screen time on UK television. The presenters receive a lot of attention, which sometimes leads to rumours. One which has emerged is that Kate Garraway has invested in Bitcoin while using and supporting Bitcoin trading systems.

In order to explore these rumours, we launched an investigation to confirm whether these rumours are true or as a result of false news.

Has Kate Garraway invested in Bitcoin?

Following the rumours, Kate Garraway offered insight into the validity of the claims that she has invested in Bitcoin. Taking to the media, the television personality told that she has not ever endorsed Bitcoin trading platforms and that the rumours to say she has are false and part of fake news. She denies investing in Bitcoin and noted that articles or websites which claim she has are likely as part of an affiliate scheme or a scam project.

Often scams will target vulnerable fans using celebrities with click-bait titles to make it look as though the celebrity has advocated the platform. It’s important to differentiate between legitimate cryptocurrency projects which are worthwhile looking at as investment opportunities and malicious platforms simply looking to make money from users.

Has Kate Garraway endorsed cryptocurrency at all?

In our investigation, we found no reason to believe Kate Garraway has invested in Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency. With the denial that she does not endorse the cryptocurrency trading platforms, it seems unlikely that the Good Morning Britain host has invested in any cryptocurrency. While it’s impossible to rule out, given Bitcoin and cryptocurrency’s anonymous nature, there is no public discourse to suggest that she has invested in crypto.

Are Bitcoin trading platforms a scam?

Because of the attention that Bitcoin trading platforms get from false news sites suggesting that celebrities endorse them without proof, there is often negative sentiment surrounding them. However, not all trading platforms are a scam. Major trading platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the easiest, most secure ways of buying, storing and transacting Bitcoin for experienced and new traders.

New traders can especially benefit from automated trading platforms. These use intelligent software to trade on behalf of users to make the most profitable trades possible. Since the trades are automated, there is less room for human error such as emotional trading and FOMO-driven buying or selling. The platforms make use of data and historic trends to predict how the market will move to trade for the user.

How to avoid fake news and cryptocurrency scams

Because of the potential profit, cryptocurrency projects can make from investors, countless scam projects have emerged to entice users to buy their tokens. Avoiding fake sites or false platforms is crucial to not only saving your money but also to ensure that you are investing in the correct platform and are considering projects which might make a positive impact on the future of tech and finance. To avoid falling prey to false sites or fake projects, take note of the following three easy tips:

  • Avoid websites that end in “lo”, or “.com.co”. Commonly these websites take nuggets of truthful information but wrap it up with misleading information and fake news.
  • Do your own research and find supporting information in another place. If two websites are sharing different information, one of them is likely not telling the true story. Do research to find out which information might be backed up by another site and avoid the other.
  • Look for the author and investigate if possible. If a news site has no author, it might raise red flags.

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