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Has Amarillo Slim invested in Bitcoin before?

The famous poker player Has Amarillo Slim has been associated with Bitcoin but has he invested in the cryptocurrency?

Thomas Austin Preston, better known as Amarillo Slim, is a famous poker player who has made a fortune playing the sport. With massive wins such as the 1972 World Series, he has made a name and has built a fantastic career for himself. Because of his massive success in both poker and business, Amarillo Slim is the talk of investment and opportunities. These include claims that he has invested assets into cryptocurrency and rumours are circling that he is a Bitcoin bull, advocating platforms on which to trade the digital currency.

Has Amarillo Slim really invested in Bitcoin?

However, after investigating these claims, we have found that the rumours appear unfounded. Anywhere that claims that Amarillo Slim is a Bitcoin trader is spreading false news. The poker player is yet to release a statement confirming or denying any claims that he has any Bitcoin investment. Owing to Bitcoin’s anonymous nature, it is possible that he has invested in cryptocurrency and has not disclosed the information, but this cannot be confirmed without his own clarification.

What can be confirmed, however, is that Amarillo Slim has never publically endorsed any trading platforms. There has been no public discourse where the poker player has released any statement offering trading advice or Bitcoin platform recommendations. The rumours, which include suggestions that he endorses platforms such as Bitcoin Rush and Bitcoin Mining City, are invalid.

Why do the rumours of Amarillo Slim and Bitcoin exist?

Often marketers will target users through the influence a celebrity might hold. By using Amarillo Slim’s name, fans and followers of the poker player will be attracted to the trading platforms if they believe he backs them and uses them himself. Moreover, because he has success in his finances, individuals who are looking to find their own financial success will follow his perceived footsteps.

Using clickbait headings, affiliate marketers will try to entice users to their platforms with false news and inaccurate information.

How to trade Bitcoin safely

To trade Bitcoin, the best piece of advice is to go small and learn as you go. When trading Bitcoin, the market can be inherently volatile and if you go in too heavy-handed with your funds, you might be risking your saving. Rather, start with a small amount of money and learn to trade, taking profit as you go and mitigating your loss by staying updated with market movements.

Another tip is to research consistently, especially if you are looking to trade altcoins. There are numerous projects in the cryptocurrency space that require funding and offer possible rewards. However not all of them re worthwhile your time and certainly not worth your assets. Do your own thorough research before investing and make sure that if you do invest, you keep an eye on your portfolio if you are managing your own trading.

What are these trading platforms?

The platforms associated with Amarillo Slim are automated trading platforms. These are websites that offer a platform for beginners and experienced traders on which they can buy and sell their cryptocurrencies using intelligent software and algorithmic data. The platforms take historic trends of cryptocurrencies to make trades on behalf of users to help them profit from the market movements. As the platforms are automated, users don’t need to watch the market or worry about emotional trading getting in the way.

The trading platforms are particularly popular for beginner traders who are still learning the ropes of cryptocurrency trading. This is because many of them offer features enriched for learning to trade, such as trial trading. The platforms also boast massive success rates, with users seeing up to 80% gains in their trading experiences.

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