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Five great cryptocurrency apps you need to try

Looking to take your investments mobile? We explore five great cryptocurrency apps that you should use – from portfolio management all the way to ICO alerts.

Do you compulsively check your cryptocurrency wallets every five minutes?

If so, then you’re probably not alone. The development of cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain services have brought along with them a slew of mobile and desktop applications designed to field new and exciting utility to investors.


Well-known amongst cryptocurrency circles, Blockfolio stands out as one of the more popular portfolio trackers which investors have used to maintain a birds-eye view of their growing collection of cryptocurrencies.

Blockfolio offers investors the option of tracking over 2,000 cryptocurrencies including the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and more. Users have the option of setting price notifications, and can furthermore view candlestick charts, order book, and market details for listed cryptocurrencies.

More broadly, Blockfolio’s appeal extends to the fact that users can view their portfolio’s value in many major fiat currencies, and can read popular cryptocurrency news stories ingested from media outlets directly within the app.

Download Blockfolio for free: App Store| Google Play

hold on for dear life

Hold On for Dear Life

Sometimes a quick peek at the market is what’s needed, rather than a holistic overview of one’s portfolio. That’s where Hold On for Dear Life comes into play.

Available for macOS, Hold On for Dear Life provides real-time updates from over 80 global exchanges for investors seeking a quick and effective overview of their investments.

Present in macOS’ widget-driven Notification Center and Menu Bar,  Hold On for Dear Life is capable of enabling its users to follow unlimited cryptocurrencies, and displays eight at once in a ticker format.

Download Hold On for Dear Life for $11.99: macOS App Store



A popular portfolio tracker available for macOS, iOS and Android, Delta enjoys prominence not just for its ability to track a watchlist of over 2,000 cryptocurrencies, but further its prowess in tracking both trades and providing detailed coin analyses.

Users can further set up personal notifications for each individual cryptocurrency, and can leverage the platform to keep abreast of breaking price updates at times of their choosing.

Perhaps Delta’s most unique feature is its support for new ICO tokens, which allows users to track ‘Custom Coins’ of their choosing. When a token eventually does list on an exchange, Delta enables its users to reconcile their creation with the correct token.

Download Delta for free: macOSApp StoreGoogle Play



Touting itself as the ‘most comprehensive ICO discovery and analysis application’, ICOAlarm enables its users to track and research new ICOs as well as establish push notifications which can be used to track each stage of a coin offering.

Available as an ad-free platform, ICOAlarm enables its users to track a favorites list, monitor exchange listings, and participate in sentiment polls.

A unique feature enables users to evaluate the popularity of new ICOs against Google Trends data.

Download ICOAlarm for free: App Store | Google Play


Acquired by Coinbase earlier this year, presents one of the simplest ways for users to earn Bitcoin by monetizing their email inbox. – which began life as a Bitcoin mining manufacturer – enables users to effectively monetize their email inbox and receive allocations of Bitcoin for responding to specific messages.

In recent months, the service has become something of a hotbed for new ICO and token projects seeking an advertisement channel – leading the company to christen its new venture as “the first commercial social network”.

The platform’s mobile app allows users to respond to messages and surveys on-the-go, and further enables users to cash out their profits to a wallet address of their choice.

Download Earn for free: App Store | Google Play

Lightning Network App Eclair

Bonus: Eclair

For those who live on the bleeding edge, mobile app developer ACINQ achieved a first this year when it officially released the first mobile wallet built for the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Available for Android devices running 5.0 Lollipop and upwards, Eclair Wallet enables users to use the service as both a regular Bitcoin wallet and as a Lightning-ready wallet.

The Lightning Network remains in development, however, and Lightning Labs has cautioned users to risk transferring minimal sums at most.

Download Eclair for free: Google Play | APK

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