Golem, BAT, and Factom: Three Altcoins projects to watch


We have been trawling through some of the more notable cryptocurrency projects and have found a delightful few to tickle your crypto-fancy, if you will.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

This project has a focus on digital advertising and a hope to decentralize it.

Essentially, the company believes that online digital advertising is currently a bit of a zoo, and they are hoping to tame it.

This means that they are aiming to resolve some of the fundamental issues with online advertising, such as the tracking of internet users to use data for market targeting, and the monopolizing of advertising by giant platforms such as Facebook and Google.

BAT is hoping to create a space where advertisers, users and the network all work in a harmonious system where no one feels stalked or hard-done-by. In a nutshell, BAT is attempting to create a place where advertisements get watched and advertisers get paid.

Read more about BAT here.

Golem (GNT)

This cryptocurrency project is a two-fold concept which aims to provide a platform as a decentralized supercomputer for users to rent computer power while other users offer the space.

The supercomputer has been created to combine all of the computing power which has been offered from individual machines on its network. On the platform created, Golem users rent out spare space they might have on their computer to those who need the extra computing power for various tasks or actions.

We like the idea of this project because of the two-fold and win-win approach. Users loaning their space generate money and users needing the space have a secure and cost-effective way of finding it.

Read more about Golem here.

Factom (FCT)

This one is aiming to be a better, and not bitter project to resolve some of Bitcoin s issues.

Factom’s development team are looking to resolve the issues on the Bitcoin blockchain, such as the glacial speed of transactions, the increasing cost of transacting and the congestion that occurs. Most of these come down to scalability and Factom are hopeful to sort it out.

Since this is not the first time a project has set out to resolve these problems, the project has taken a different tactic in the form of easy and secure auditing on the platform.  Documents and data files stored using Factom are audited easily which ensures security, accuracy and it keeps cost, block-time and protection at the ideal.

Read more about Factom here.

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