Three remarkable token projects you need to keep tabs on

With so many projects around, it’s difficult to know which ones to keep an eye on. Here, we bring you three tokens which we think are interesting enough to note.


The 0x project is a protocol which allows ERC20 tokens to be exchanged on the Ethereum blockchain. The token operates under an open public infrastructure. The main purpose of the project is to offer a completely decentralized exchange, removed from the flaws inherent to standard digital exchanges This is critical in the cryptocurrency industry and – if it is done right – can be a gamechanger.

The system offers a remarkable efficiency on token trading and it is constantly developing. As the 0x token (ZRX)is an ERC20-based token, any Ethereum-compatible wallet will support it. 0x’s Ethereum token – the ZRX – is used to offer decentralized control over 0x protocol’s upgrade system. This means that ZRX owners have authority, proportional to how much they own, on how the protocols can be developed over time.

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This cryptocurrency project is a two-fold concept which offers a platform as a decentralized supercomputer for users to rent computer power while other users offer the space.

The supercomputer has been created to combine all of the computing power which has been offered from individual machines on its network. On the platform created, Golem users rent out spare space they might have on their computer to those who need the extra computing power for various tasks or actions.

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Pundi X

This project is hoping to make it easier for retailers and consumers to exchange goods using cryptocurrency by providing retailers with a point-of-sale (PoS) system for accepting cryptocurrency. These machines, called XPOS, essentially work as blockchain card machines.

Customer are provided with cards which are required to use the XPOS. There are two cards in a set. One card contains a user’s private key information. This allows the depositing and withdrawal of crypto finance off and onto the card. The second card can only be used for purchasing items. It is essentially a debit card.

This system gives people the opportunity to use cryptocurrency as standard finance in their everyday lives.

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