FTX hacker continues to plunder and FTT delisted

A hacker reportedly targeting FTX has drained over $450 million worth of crypto assets shortly after the exchange had filed for bankruptcy. This attack took place four days after the proverbial alarm went off for the first hack.

According to crypto analytics firm Certik, the hacker has continued to pull assets from the exchange, taking funds from wallets associated with both the US-based and intention divisions of FTX. Currently, the wallet the hacker is sending funds to is holding over $62 million in crypto assets.

Over the course of the past four days, the hacker has received and traded meme tokens, sending almost 75% of them to other addresses.

FTX Token delisted on popular exchanges

This hack comes amidst a flurry of cryptocurrency exchanges looking to sever ties with FTX’s native token. Since the outbreak of news related to FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried, platforms including Binance, BitMEX, Zipmex, and KuCoin have announced that they will no longer be listing FTT pairings on their trading exchanges.

Most exchanges have cut the ability to trade FTT with others, but have kept withdrawals open to exchange the token for fiat for the mean time to allow users to move their tokens around first. Buying FTT and trading other crypto for the token, however, has been ceased to “protect users” – as Binance was urged to do by popular crypto analyst Cevo.

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