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Five of the biggest cryptocurrency loud-mouths on Twitter

These cryptocurrency personalities have gained a reputation for being of the loudest and most opinionated voices on Twitter’s platform.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

They say that it’s the empty vessels which make the loudest noise. While this is certainly the case for some – and it can be most amusing when it is – other of the noisier vessels are almost overflowing with knowledge and expertise and what they say (loudly) should be seriously considered. In cryptocurrency, it should especially unusual to find a loud voice, owing to the pseudonymous and mysterious nature, but it is startling how many personalities have become prominent.

In this, we will be exploring five of cryptocurrency’s loudest vessels on Twitter, a social platform where one is only given 280 characters to bring across their (at times rather powerful) opinion.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos


As the host of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast, it’s almost a requirement that Antonopoulos has a loud mouth.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise on everything cryptocurrency, he manages to deliver it in one of the most objective ways possible, while retaining just a touch of sass.

The businessman is also not one to shy away from a dispute, if it arises, and has been known to advocate strongly for bitcoin and received unrequested donations which made up over 100 BTC (which was worth $1.3 million USD at the time) after Bitcoin Cash‘s Roger Ver questioned him about his investment choices.

The Winklevoss Twins



A real throwback to when the Winklevoss Twins were hanging out with Facebook before Mark Zuckerberged the twins out in a legal battle.

Now, the pair is known in the digital currency community as early Bitcoin investors and as the founders of the cryptocurrency trading exchange, Gemini.

The duo is unafraid to call a person (such as Bill Gates) out on something, thus earning them a spot on our list of the loud.

Vitalik Buterin


The founder of Ethereum has a reputation for his humanitarian donations, and for his ability to stand up for what he believes in. Buterin has displayed the quality time and again, such as when he chose to boycott the Consensus conference this year owing to scams on the website.

Buterin has earned his loud-mouth status because of how outspoken and opinionated he is, all the while doing it in the most gentlemanly way possible.

Although sometimes the gentlemanly manner is set aside to tackle another crypto-advocate.

Vinny Lingham


His charisma was blatant when we interviewed him for our third episode of Coin Dive, and we can only imagine that it’s evidence of the way in which he always carries himself. Lingham, an entrepreneur hailing from South Africa, is known in the business market for the personality he brings to Shark Tank SA.

In the cryptocurrency market, however, Lingham has a reputation for the successful initial coin offering (ICO) he launched midway through last year. The startup, Civic, is looking to develop a way in which to protect and manage identification on the blockchain and has also launched a vending machine to sell beer. If a beer-dispensing vender is not a way Lingham is showing his voice, we need only look to the businessman’s Twitter.

He also isn’t afraid to call the police out on their “fine work” in the city.



Would any Twitter list be complete without the appearance of Mr Litecoin?

Charlie Lee, the founder of one of the biggest Bitcoin hard forks, is a whizz at keeping users up to date with not only his own cryptocurrency but the market in general and has a knack for finding the balance between cheeky and insightful.

With his cheekiness, Lee has crafted somewhat of a loud-mouth reputation and manages it with some light pot-stirring, the use of memes and, a fact which can’t go amiss, he cannot resist a selfie.

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Internet writer looking to find the right piece. Also presents things on radio and happens to be a chip off the old blockchain. @BeckyRLeighton

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