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eToro has announced support for trading the Tezos cryptocurrency

eToro, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the UK, has announced that the platform will be supporting the trading of Tezos.

The United Kingdom-based cryptocurrency exchange eToro has announced that it is now offering support for Tezos.

A week before, the exchange had promoted that a particular token would be added to the platform for trading. The platform announced yesterday that the token is the Tezos cryptocurrency, which is now supported.

Upon the support of the Tezos, the CEO of eToro Yoni Assia stated that he thinks the project is making progress and that offering support for the cryptocurrency is a part of the exchange’s vision to make more assets more accessible:

“As we see financial institutions move more into the world of crypto, it is important that ordinary investors can take advantage of these technological developments, which is why we’re excited to be adding coins like Tezos to eToro.”

Tezos price

In the week leading up to the announcement, Tezos has seen an increase in price, moving from a low trading price of $1.01 to a peak of $1.50, showing a 30% difference between the price ranges. At present, Tezos price is at $1.43, showing a 2.17% dip since yesterday.