For the moon: Ethereum, Stellar and NEM are skyrocketing in price

The cryptocurrency market has been raking in some tidy gains following Bitcoin s break through $8000. As it stands, Bitcoin is slightly dipped with a 1.64% decrease in daily trading, while Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Stellar, and Cardano are in the green. In the top ten tokens, only Bitcoin, Ripple, and Tether are dipping in price.

Ethereum price

Taking at the leading altcoin, we can see that the current bullish state of the market has been good to Ethereum. The price of the altcoin has gained 8.79% in daily trading value. Over the past day, Ethereum has gained from a low point of $227.68 to see a skyrocketed high price of $270.09 – which is a 15.7% difference. Currently, Ethereum has stabilised slightly and is trading for $248.83.

Ethereum price

Nem price

NEM, sitting in rank 18 in the cryptocurrency markets, is showing very bullish increases; having gained 26.2% in daily trading, taking the value of the token up to a current price of $0.088486.

Over the past 24 hours, NEM has seen a low point of $0.046452, compared to a high point of $0.114172. This is a whopping 59% difference in price in less than a day’s time.

Nem price

Stellar price

Also shooting for the moon is Stellar. XLM is currently looking at a 12.95% increase in daily trading to trade for a $0.135996 price tag. Over the past day, Stellar has seen its lowest value of $0.088298 compared to its highest peak of $0.158347 which boasts a 44.23% difference.

Stellar price

Maker price

The Maker token has also been making some sweet gains in the cryptocurrency market.

Currently, Maker is sitting at $706.58 which is a 9.96% increase in daily trading.

Maker’s MKR has seen a 24-hour low point of $505.74 shaken up to brag a $729.05 price tag. Like Stellar, this is also a 44.% increase in contrast.

Maker price

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