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Ethereum Constantinople postponed following consensus decision

It has been announced that the scheduled upgrade for Ethereum to Constantinople has been delayed following vulnerabilities found in the code.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

The scheduled update for the Ethereum protocol has been postponed owing to concerning potential issues found in the upgrade’s code. According to Ethereum, the decision was made by consensus of entities such as the cryptocurrency’s developers, security researchers, the token’s community, client developers, and stakeholders.

Hudson Jameson of Ethereum posted an update the day before the branching upgrade was to take place as a blog post on Ethereum’s website.

The post explains that there were several issues found in the code of the upgrade of the protocol. These issues have resulted in the delay of Constantinople launching until the vulnerabilities are attended to. Individuals who “interact” with Ethereum do not need to do anything, according to the post. Those running nodes were given the instruction:

This will require anyone running a node (node operators, exchanges, miners, wallet services, etc…) to update to a new version of Geth or Parity before block 7,080,000. Block 7,080,000 will occur in approximately 32 hours from the time of this publishing or at approximately January 16, 8:00pm PT / January 16, 11:00pm ET / January 17, 4:00am GMT.”

ChainSecurity pointed out that a vulnerability found within the code results in the protocol:

“[Simulating] a secure treasury sharing service. Two parties can jointly receive funds, decide on how to split them, and receive a payout if they agree*. An attacker will create such a pair with where the first address is the attacker contract listed below and the second address is any attacker account. For this pair the attacker will deposit some money.”

After describing how the code can be exploited, ChainSecurity explained that an attacker can use the vulnerability to steal other people’s Ether from a PaymentSharer contract drawn, and from there, they could continue to steal funds.

At the time of press, Ethereum is trading for $158.55 USD, which is a 5.91% increase in day-on-day trading.

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