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Etheera gains over 80000% increase in past two weeks – an overwhelming amount which is shocking the market

Etheera, a token which has not been prominent in the cryptomarkets, is shouting for attention with a meteoric rise of over 80000% in price.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

Since the end of November, one can see that the token has seen a consistently positive incline – with the to be expected dips along the way. As the spike hit, Etheera had just announced a new partnership with Excoincial by Africunia Bank the first African Digital Bank.

Ahead of the surge, the platform has seen attention from decentralized cryptocurrency trade exchanges. This forum offers a list of the exchanges supporting Etheera.

While the market is known to be both volatile, and incredibly risky with newer tokens, the massive rise in this coin’s price is worth taking note of, albeit with a pinch of caution.

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