Blockchain-based EQUI Platform poised to disrupt the traditional investment space

Equi platform

Exciting investment opportunities ranging from venture capital, real estate and alternate assets such as art, classic cars, and jewelry have been the exclusive domain of wealthy and well-connected investors for years. However, that will soon all change with the release of the blockchain-based EQUI Platform – a new initiative spearheaded by Doug Barrowman and Lady Michelle Mone.

Re-launched with a vastly improved offering enabling a much broader scope of opportunities, EQUI Platform will leverage blockchain technology and a tokenized asset to deliver exclusive opportunities curated by investment professionals to thousands of investors.

The good news is that eager participants don’t need to wait to invest. EQUI Platform’s public pre-sale is now live, while the project’s crowdsale launches on the 1st of June.

Why should you invest?

If you’ve ever wanted to invest in startup technology firms, real estate projects, and other opportunities that have for years been the realm of high net-worth individuals, the EQUI Platform is just for you.

Outlined in a brand new lite paper release, the EQUI Platform is a blockchain-powered investment platform that provides users around the world with a quick, transparent, and secure way to invest in a multitude of venture capital and real estate projects, as well as alternate or classic assets, from the comfort of their desk

What is the EQUI Token and EQUIVest token?

Described by Doug Barrowman as the “final evolution of a lifetime’s work” in the investment industry, EQUI Token and EQUIVest token underpin the EQUI PLatform.

Investors eager to participate in EQUI Platform’s ICO do so by purchasing EQUI Tokens. EQUI Tokens are used to access platform features, receive rewards from investment projects, and serve to accredit new investors.

Newly accredited EQUI Investors looking to participate in listed projects can exchange their EQUI Tokens for EQUIVest tokens. EQUIVest tokens, which are pegged to the value of the US Dollar, are used to invest in projects sourced by the EQUI investment team.

Once dedicated to a particular investment project, EQUIVest tokens are locked until an ‘exit event’, such as a sale of shares in a firm or the sale of an asset. After a successful exit, 3% from total net profits will be withheld for charitable donations, and thereafter 80% of profits are returned to an investor, while the remaining 20% fund the administration of the EQUI platform and the sourcing of new opportunities.

Post any project, any and all EQUIVest tokens returned can be used to invest in new opportunities or can be exchanged back into EQUI Tokens. Only EQUI Tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges

Doug Barrowman, Founder and Chairman of the Knox Group of Companies
Doug Barrowman, Founder and Chairman of the Knox Group of Companies

How are opportunities sourced: a window into exciting investment opportunities previously thought unattainable.

The EQUI Platform provides investors with a window into exciting venture capital projects without the need for extraneous effort. Doug Barrowman’s seasoned investment arm, Knox Group – who do in-depth research and analysis on new startups – will carefully target new advances, real-estate projects, alternate assets such as art, classic cars, and jewelry.

Lady Michelle Mone, Baroness of Mayfair OBE
Lady Michelle Mone, Baroness of Mayfair OBE

How do I track my investments?

The EQUI Platform employs smart contracts to store information about various investment opportunities on the Ethereum Blockchain – recording not only capitalizations, project targets, and maturity dates, but further marking participant investments, distributions, transactions, and rewards.

EQUI Platform’s MVP, which is due for official release in June this year, offers investors an easy to use web platform that gives everyone an opportunity to invest. Visual designs which highlight the EQUI Platform’s simplicity and showcase investment figures and returns in a simple, secure, and transparent manner will be made available to the public soon.

Where do I sign up?

Investors ready to disrupt the entire investment market needn’t wait.

EQUI Platform’s public pre-sale is now underway, and its public crowdsale will accordingly kick off on the 1st of June. Payments are accepted in the form of Ethereum (ETH)

Disclosure: This article has been sponsored by EQUI Capital

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