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The EOS blockchain goes live (again) after an awkward pause

Two days after the EOS blockchain was launched, it was paused owing to a glitch on the network’s software. Since then it has resumed operations but it has been receiving criticism for the badly-timed bug.

It looks like it’s “release, pause, release” for EOS’ blockchain.

The EOS blockchain which has been live for all of one weekend resumed operations yesterday (17th June) after “pausing” the network owing to technical issues on  Saturday 16th June.

The blockchain’s network monitor is keeping users up to date on live happenings regarding the block production and the block count and is currently showing that operating functions for the EOS block producers are back up and are producing again.

The pause was announced less than two days after the launch by EOS Argentina on Steemit and was straightforward in detailing the events:

AT 9:56 UTC the EOS Mainnet paused. At 10:01 UTC Block Producers and many Standby Nodes joined together on an international conference call to identify and fix the issue.

Jackson Palmer, the creator of parody cryptotoken Dogecoin and well known in the cryptocommunity, is not impressed with the EOS team and expressed as much as a reply to EOS’s announcement about the delay.

The launch of the EOS platform was known for its complexity since it relied on users to vote for block producers for the network. The token has also received a huge amount of attention for its year-long initial coin offering (ICO) crowdfund which raised approximately $4 billion USD in total – making it the world’s most successful ICO in terms of funds raised.

Currently, EOS is down by 2.75% day-on-day and is presently trading at $ 10.38 USD.