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The EOS Blockchain is now officially live after a week’s deliberation

The launch of EOS blockchain has to have been one of the most complicated blockchain released that cryptocurrency has seen yet. After receiving the green light last week, the blockchain has finally been announced that it is live.

At the current time of writing, the EOS blockchain has achieved the 150 million votes that were required to launch the cryptocurrency’s mainnet.

EOS took an entirely different approach to launching its blockchain – and was waiting on confirmation from its users before releasing the platform. The green light to go ahead with the blockchain was given officially last Friday and now the project has announced that the platform is live and ready for use.

One of the requirements for the blockchain to launch was that 15% of EOS tokens in current supply had to be used to choose 21 EOS block producers for the network – once that happened, the platform could go live and the blockchain announced.

There are currently 291 block producers that have been listed on the voting page, and while some will be able to maintain their position, others might be voted out. Before the launch, there have been producer block testers running the blockchain in a test mode and within the past week, the assessment of block producers have been looking to identify several elements on the test blockchain such as whether there were any issues on the platform. There were certain vulnerabilities which were discovered and resulted in two groups going head-to-head in order to ensure the correct implementation, which led to the delay of the launch.

Currently, EOS is up by 6.82% day-on-day and is presently trading at $ 11.14 USD.