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EOS faces RAM scarcity – causing block producers to crash

The EOS network has explained that owing to a misconfiguration of nodes, block producers were disrupted on the network.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

Following a temporary crash that affected EOS‘s block producers owing to a RAM limitation, EOS New York has reported that the blockchain’s network has not been disrupted.

This came after an announcement that the network released on Twitter which stated that some of the block producers had crashed after exceeding 1GB RAM usage. According to the company, “[either] they only had 1GB or they did not configure their node to properly set it at 64GB” and continued that the contravention “is a violation of the regproducer agreement.”

The notion that the hardware of the network was at fault, however, was counteracted by the company who said thereafter that human error was to blame, and the problem was in the configuration of their nodes, saying that they had learned upon further investigation that “that this is less a regproducer violation and more a failure to adjust a default configuration on a plugin in their producing node.”

With only 64GB available, the RAM usage might become more and more of an issue and will need to be tended to in order to resolve other issues which might crop up on the network. If it becomes a severe issue, the concept of buying and selling RAM might become problematic, as it could result in a scarce supply of memory space.

EOS, on the other hand, are not currently interested in anything regarding the sale of RAM and have stated this explicitly in a blog post.

EOS New York will not purchase or sell RAM for speculative purposes”.

This is not the first issue that has arisen on the EOS blockchain, which has recently been released as it faced a suspended network almost immediately after launching. Coupled with the fact that the network has made several questionable calls – such as using authority on an alleged decentralized network to freeze 27 accounts, a few investors have been left with little confidence.

Currently, EOS has declined day-on-day trading by -4.01% and is sitting at $6.758 USD.

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