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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance teams up with Hyperledger to promote widespread blockchain adoption

It has been announced that Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is joining together with Hyperledger as Associate Members to encourage businesses looking to the blockchain.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Hyperledger will be partnering with the intention of promoting blockchain adoption in the business industry.

According to an announcement, the two companies will join together as Associate Members. As stated in the press release, the partnership between the companies is in order to benefit adoption within the industry:

This will enable more active and mutual cross-community collaboration through event participation, connecting with other members, and finding ways for our respective efforts to be complementary and compatible. The collaboration between our organizations will further accelerate adoption of blockchain technologies for business.”

The two organizations have similar aims they are striving to achieve. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance hopes to encourage the development and better the standards for businesses using blockchain technology, with a focus on enterprises interested n Ethereum’s platform. Hyperledger, too, is interested in establishing enterprise blockchain networks. Owing to the similarity in their focus, this new collaboration will have a set focus on the tidy merge of blockchain and business.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance sponsors the development of specifications and standards for enterprise blockchain networks, with a focus on those aligned with the broader Ethereum ecosystem. Hyperledger fosters the development of open source software for establishing, managing, and connecting enterprise blockchain networks. Thus, our two organizations have similar objectives, with highly complementary approaches to achieving them.

The two organizations hope that this collaboration will be of aid in the Ethereum community, as well as to Hyperledger developers:

“Down the road, we hope this mutually beneficial relationship will encourage Ethereum developers to consider submitting their enterprise projects to Hyperledger and Hyperledger project maintainers to consider taking de-facto interfaces appropriate for standardization to the appropriate EEA working groups...Both organizations will continue to work with other standards bodies, and other open source communities. By working together, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Hyperledger will bring substantial benefits to developers and enterprises, and accelerate the adoption of enterprise blockchain technologies.”