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Inside Dominium: The decentralized platform for everything property

Dominium has announced its public token sale to investors – all with the view of launching the world’s foremost property-focused platform.

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While digital assets have flourished with the evolution of blockchain technology, the benefits of decentralization haven’t yet meaningfully married traditional property – until now.

What is Dominium?

First conceptualized in 2012, Dominium – a new platform leveraging third-generation blockchain technology from Ardor – is now set to bring one of the world’s most established industries into modernity through a new, decentralized platform that’s been designed from the ground up for everything to do with property.

Serving as not only a portal for property financing (including funds, bonds, loan notes, and REITs), Dominium has been designed to further facilitate property maintenance, rentals, and sales agreements.

Now available in fifteen languages, Dominium is striving to become an all-in-one service that industry professionals can use to improve their services.

What makes the Dominium platform different?

Where other offerings might attempt to redress inefficiencies in the real estate industry, Dominium has been designed to be the first all-in-one property platform to facilitate a wide range of services.

Users will not only be able to rent, buy, or sell property, but further record all actions taken under the auspices of property management and even invest in property funds. Agreements – such as sales and transfers – will be registered on Dominium’s blockchain and will thus be both immutable and transparent.

Whereas differing legalities and interpretations might conflate documentation, Dominium provides standardized legal documentation for property funds – enabling investors to invest from as little as €1 EUR under an umbrella license, where traditionally individuals would need to invest more than €10,000 EUR.

Dominium itself is underwritten by a portfolio of property assets generating an income – thus ensuring the future development and maintenance of the platform.

DOM tokens

The Dominium platform will be powered by 1,000,000,000 DOM, which themselves are utility tokens.

DOM tokens will be used as currency for all activities on Dominium, such as creating or trading assets, listing properties for sale or rent, or registering agreements.

Following the Dominium ITO, funds raised by the sale of DOM tokens will be used to buy property, and the according rental income will fund the future development of the platform. The re-purchase of DOM tokens, together with transaction fees on the platform, will be removed from circulation.

DOM tokens will see a diminishing supply as both rental income and transaction fees will go up as the platform becomes more popular over time.

Dominium Initial Token Offering:

Self-funded by several real estate experts, blockchain professionals and compliance specialists, Dominium has been designed to serve as the foremost real estate platform. Dominium’s Initial Token Offering (ITO) will extend an investment opportunity to thousands of worldwide investors.

Dominium’s pre-ITO will run from the 15th to the 30th of August at 11:00 UTC, and the project’s official token sale will run from the 3rd of September at 11am UTC to the 31st of December at 11am UTC.

While a whitelist will not be made, investors will need to proceed through KYC registration. During the pre-ITO, investors will need to invest a minimum of $600 USD, while during the ITO itself, prices will increase incrementally.

Tokens will be delineated following the launch of the Dominium childchain in the fourth quarter of 2018, while tokens belonging to Dominium’s team will be locked for twelve months.

How do I get DOM tokens?

Interested investors can visit Dominium’s official website and purchase DOM tokens at pre-ITO prices which are currently at an 80% discount.  Additionally, interested parties can follow and stay in touch with Dominium on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Telegram.

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