Deloitte looks to hire cryptocurrency experts

As Bitcoin continues to rise with a fresh wave of uncertainty in the banking industry, Deloitte looks to expand its cryptocurrency-focused staff.

According to updates on its account on LinkedIn, the major accounting firm is looking to hire professionals with experience working in the cryptocurrency space. Over 300 positions are available on Deloitte’s LinkedIn job opportunities. Included in the search are Blockchain & Digital Assets Manager, Tax Manager, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency. Deloitte’s job opportunities shows that there are openings for crypto positions in more than 18 United States locations.

Other accounting firms at the same level of Deloitte, including KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Ernst & Young (the other three of the “Big Four” firms) do not appear to be recruiting in the crypto industry at all.

Deloitte’s crypto positions

Deloitte’s search appears to be looking for experts that can look at both sides of the fintech space.

The Blockchain & Digital Assets Manager requires experience in services such as blockchain and crypto internal controls, auditing financial statements, auditing for blockchain and crypto assets. The role will also undertake getting clients ready for an initial public offering (IPO) and securities and drawing up exchange commission (SEC) reports. The crypto-specific Tax Manager role requires a person to manage the teams that look after tax advisory and compliance services to Deloitte clients, especially those with crypto and blockchain products. Other duties will entail supporting clients in legal entity structuring and evaluating cryptocurrencies and tokens.

While cryptocurrency exchanges and firms face liquidity issues and layoffs, Deloitte has signalled further support with financial investment in the space. It has continued to expand in its Web3 and cryptocurrency developments with increased positions opening up and new partnerships in the space.

Earlier this year, the firm announced a new partnership with platform Vatom which will expand its Web3 services to explore immersive experiences. Circle has also teamed up with Deloitte to audit its proof-of-reserves which suggests Deloitte’s interest in exploring more cryptocurrency investment opportunities.


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