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Optimism abounds: dApps are still booming in the cryptocurrency space

An application tracker proves that decentralized applications are increasing, even though the cryptocurrency market is turned down.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

In times like these, any optimistic infographic might be a welcome sight. The cryptocurrency market is in the worst place it’s been this year and no sign of a surge of recovery is eminent at this stage.

Earlier this week, we reported about the boom in blockchain and Bitcoin related job listings and how the career aspects of cryptocurrency are in a good way, despite the market. According to statistics, the job openings are up by 137% and according to decentralized application (dAPP) tracker State of the Apps, the monthly dApp development is increasing too.

Looking at the charts, it’s obvious that the industry has blossomed from December of last year, with 835 dApps listed to November of this year, where 2281 dApps are live.


State of the Apps also tracks the number of dApps in the different categories available. It is found that at the time of writing, storage-focused dApps see the most monthly active users (approximately 45.39k) with exchanges closely following (with 45.32k). Finance, gambling and wallets fall into third, fourth and five place respectively. At present, the categories with the most dApps developed are gambling (504 dApps), games (468 dApps), and finance (234 dApps).

The majority of the applications are based on Ethereums platform which sees 2,175 of all listed, while only 100 are on EOS’s platform and 13 are on POA.

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