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South African Cricket Board twitter account compromised in Bitcoin-related scam

The South African Cricket Board (CSA) was compromised in a Bitcoin scam. The account has since been recovered and the issues resolved.

The twitter account of the South African Cricket Board (CSA) was compromised early this week by hackers running a Bitcoin-related scam. A tweet, which has since been deleted, was published stating that the country’s Cricket Board had teamed up with United Kingdom-based, which is one of South Africa’s cryptocurrency exchanges, Luno to run a “Bitcoin Lottery”.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) had acknowledged the fact that the South African Cricket account had been hacked and issued a warning:

Once the compromise had been resolved, CSA confirmed that the account was up and running safely again, apologizing to any fans who might have been affected by the hack:

Luno released a tweet the next morning confirming that there was no partnership between the companies:

Hacking into Twitter accounts or using phishing as a scheme for hackers is not a new concept. The advice offered is to remain cautious when it comes to cryptocurrency activity until there is certainty regarding the legitimacy of an offer.