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Where on earth should I trade my cryptocurrencies? Looking at the top three exchanges

If you are wanting to know which the top cryptocurrency exchanges are, you need to wonder no more. In this list, we explore the leading five crypto-trade exchanges.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

When it comes to the world of digital tender, cryptocurrency exchanges can be just as important the cryptocurrencies which are traded on them. The platform needs to be able to offer reliable, secure, and reasonable trading with features to keep the user’s funds safe but also tradeable without ridiculous rates.

In this list, explore the biggest and most popular exchanges. We are ranking the cryptocurrency exchanges on current trading volume for the last 24 hours on markets which have fees attached, according to CoinMarket Cap.

3 Huobi

The leading global digital asset exchange

Based in Beijing, Huobi is a platform which provides offers secure exchange services and operates on a completely independent crypto evaluation system.

Huobi also offers a fully comprehensive verification process which has helped gain it the favor from both local Chinese traders and also foreign users who have taken a liking to the platform.

Offering cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency trading, Huobi’s top movers are Bitcoin/Tether and Ethereum/Tether.

2 OKex

The Most Trusted Digital Asset Exchange”

If the podium isn’t enough to warrant pride, OKEx can claim to have come back after suffering a major hack last year October.

OKex, which offers both fiat-to-cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency services, sees top movers of Bitcoin/Tether and EOS/Tether.

1 Binance

Binance – Exchange The World”

Multi-lingual and international already put Binance in a golden place in the innovative world of cryptocurrency.

Not only does it cater to the market on a global level, it is one of the fastest exchanges in the market – a factor which works very much in its favor.

With over 300 tokens listed, Bitcoin/Tether is the top-moving pair and EOS/Tether follows behind.

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