Cryptocurrency kicks off the new year in the green – can we expect increasing values?

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Kicking off the New Year right is important for many people; get the resolutions right and a good year will follow.

If this is the case in cryptocurrency then things are promising to be increasing and positive for 2019. Looking at the charts from Coin360, the market is facing a sea of green, with but a few red fish.

Bitcoin is currently. looking at a 2.6% increase in day-on-day trading and is now trading at $3856.28 USD. Although it is not a major surge in price, it is still a showing a positive inclination.

Ripple’s XRP is also trading in the green – at a 3.27% increase taking the token to a $0.3696 USD price valuation at the time of writing.

Ethereum, notably is showing a near 10% spike. Following the weekend, the token has seen an increasing positive trajectory and is now holding a 9.25% increase in day-on-day trading and is now holding a $148.21 USD value. This is up from a low of around $84 USD in early December.

Although Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum are in the green; not every token in the top four are facing an increase. Bitcoin Cash, at the time of writing, is seeing a 2.75% decline in trading and is currently a value of $164.92 USD.

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