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Bitcoin sees a wave of green to welcome in the new week

At a time when the cryptocurrency values have been painting the markets red, a respite of green is welcome.

After a tumultuous November and first week of December, it’s hard to tell where the cryptocurrency markets are going to go. As we head into the new week, it seems as though there’s a flash of green with the market showing positive increases to the dipped token figures.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is up by 3.08% – and hovering around  $3600 USD, which is marginally more than the low point it saw this month of around $3200 USD. Although it’s not at the increasing values that we’d like to see, green is still a welcome sight to bring in the new week.

Ripple, which knocked Ethereum from second place, is also in the green, showing an increase of 1.47%. Comparing Ripple’s chart to that of Bitcoin’s, it’s evident that the decline has been more steady over the first ten days of December.

Ethereum has seen double-digits in its price tag for the first time in a very long while. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum has followed a roller-coaster pattern rather than a steady trajectory.Should the markets continue, we can only hope that the patterns will reverse and the tokens will start to follow in the directions that Tom Lee predicts and that we’ll see a positive upsurge by the end of the year, yet.