The Crypto News App offers information you need to know to stay afloat in the dynamic industry

When it comes to cryptocurrency print media just does not cut it. What’s news right now will be old in ten minutes. The world of blockchain lives as a moving, shaking, and dynamic industry. Major events have the potential to completely turn the markets into a roller coaster. It’s both an exhilarating and overwhelming ride.

This is exactly why it is so important to keep updated and knowledgeable on relevant developments as and when they happen in order to make informed decisions related to the market or any blockchain projects or cryptocurrency initial coin offerings (ICOs). A steady stream of useful information is not only helpful; it is essential to the industry. Applications and news outlets provide a fundamental key to knowing this information.

The Crypto News mobile App offers this service in a convenient, effective, and versatile manner. Crypto News acts as an aggregator for reliable news and information on the innovative industry, keeping users up to date on token movements, and market news. Crypto News also offers helpful content such as ICO reviews, analytics, important announcements and breaking news.

The mobile app is user friendly and takes a systematic approach to data; where users could simply scroll through the ‘all news’ feed or instead read only the top news. There is also the possibility of using filters for any specific information in which users might be interested.

The app features a ‘bookmarking’ element which allows users to save an article to read later. Crypto News also boasts a social platform and users can share articles or posts with friends, partners, and colleagues with ease.

Using more than 200 different sources of information, the app caters to investors, traders and crypto enthusiasts in four different languages:
● English
● Deutsch
● Portuguese
● Russian

Crypto News App is available for download on Google Play and the AppStore.

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