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The crypto markets are holding green – signs of a hopeful 2019?

The first week of 2019 has shown signs of a green market which could show optimism for the industry going into the new year.

Cryptocurrency might be known for its volatility, but at present, it seems to be offering a positive gradient at relative stability.

Looking at the data from Coin360 regarding the markets overall, there has been a wave of green as Bitcoin has been holding a value above $4000 USD for the past couple of days. Ethereum, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash have all subsequently been facing green too.


From the charts taken from CoinMarketCap, it is apparent that the token saw a spike on 7th January and has held the $4000 USD mark since. If Bitcoin can hold this stable increase, the cryptocurrency industry is in for a hopeful 2019.

Ethereum is holding the second position in the markets and is the leading altcoin. At the time of writing, is is sitting at $152.35 USD, which is a 1.31% increase in day-on-day trading.

Ripple is also showing a mild increase of 1.63% in day-on-day trading and is now valued at $0.368 USD. Bitcoin Cash is valued at $160.92 USD, a 0.52% in day-on-day trading.