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Ethereum gains quick momentum as Bitcoin and Ripple hit the green

The cryptocurrency markets are currently showing signs of green as Bitcoin gains and Ripple and Ethereum follow.

In a tentatively optimistic state of affairs, the cryptocurrency market seems to be showing signs of green across the board. Towards the end of last week, the cryptocurrency market had plunged from holding a somewhat stable position for almost two weeks and found itself in the red. Now, signs of growth are showing.

Data taken from shows the shape of the tokens:

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is facing a moderate 2.43% increase in day-on-day trading and is valued at $3676.83 USD. On Friday, Bitcoin dipped on the weekend to see a low of around $3,500 USD on Sunday. on Monday morning, the token picked up again and has been maintaining the $3,600 USD mark. Charts taken from CoinMarketCap shows the dip and pickup:

Ripple, the leading altcoin at the moment, has had a tumultuous time over the past few days. The charts show the roller coaster which has Ripple’s XRP spiking up and down and then dipping and gaining around the same time as Bitcoin. At present, Ripple is trading for $0.329689 USD which is a 1.57% gain in day-on-day trading.

Ethereum, which is currently holding the third position in the crypto markets is the highest gainer in the top twenty cryptocurrencies. Boasting a 7.25% gain, ETH is trading for $127.15 USD. Ethereum has swung like Bitcoin, but the movement is much sharper. With a deep plunge for ETH to range below $117 USD the token has managed to pull back up to hover above the $125 USD mark.