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The cryptomarkets are holding green with a shift in the top three

Taking a look at the present market, there are signs of positive inclinations and Ethereum has overtaken Ripple as the top trading altcoin.

The cryptocurrency is a volatile industry, and coins moving around in market position might not be notable – with altcoins climbing ranks constantly. In the top three coins, however, it is worth mentioning when there is a shift.

Ethereum has overtaken Ripple which held the second spot since September of last year. Now, the ranks are sitting as Bitcoin as the top cryptocurrency, Ethereum as the top altcoin, and Ripple back in third place in market ranks.

At present, the markets are holding green for the second day in a row, which is a positive start to the new year. Bitcoin, Ehereum and Ripple are all holding modest increases. Bitcoin Cash, which showed decreasing trading volumes yesterday is also in the green, meaning that the top eight coins – at the time of writing – are all in the green.

The total market cap, too, is showing a positive gradient and has grown from $125 billion USD on the 1st of January 2019 to $133 billion USD at the time of writing.

Although one should be cautious, there is optimism in the positive inclines. The markets are showing signs of a complete upsurge, but at least a moderate increase is a good start to recover from the crash the markets faced at the end of last year.