Crypto jobs surge, with massive 395% growth in 2021

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies may have been on the financial map already since the bull run in 2017, but the surge over the last year, bringing cryptocurrency prices up, have brought attention to more than the industry from just an investment point of view.

Over the past year, careers in cryptocurrency-related industries have skyrocketed, with job searches increasing by 395% in the United States. According to a report by LinkedIn, it’s not only job posting searches that increased job listings in the wider tech industry, the last year increased by almost double. However, this pales in comparison to crypto-related jobs. According to LinkedIn:

Job postings with titles containing terms like “bitcoin,” “ethereum,” “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” grew 395% in the U.S. from 2020 to 2021, outpacing the wider tech industry — which saw a 98% increase in listings during the same time period.”

Interest in crypto jobs has also steadily increased over the past few years. According to Google Trends, people searching for “crypto jobs” has seen a steady upwards trend. According to the searches, many of those searching for crypto careers are in Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philipines, Nigeria, and Canada.

After the major correction – and the crypto winter – in 2018, many cryptocurrency positions were closed and individuals in the industry were laid off to survive the bear run. If Bitcoin is going to maintain the same level of increase over the next year for the job market in the industry to sustain itself. Should the token continue to climb, positions will be created and filled. However, if Bitcoin drops and the trend flattens, the opportunities might not maintain in the same way.

Which companies are looking to hire jobs positions in the cryptocurrency industry?

According to LinkedIn’s report, cryptocurrency-related positions that are being sought out and offered are not just in the financial industry too. Most postings were in the industries one might expect, however, the rise in cryptocurrency careers is seen in industries like accounting, consulting, and computer hardware. According to LinkedIn,

“While most of the job postings were in software and finance, other industries are also seeing a rise in demand for crypto talent. These include professional services like accounting and consulting, as well as the staffing and computer hardware sectors.”

The most common jobs seen in cryptocurrency careers are blockchain developers and engineers, according to the platform.

What is set for crypto in 2022?

The past two years have seen tremendous growth in the crypto space and it seems as though this next year is set to follow the same trend. With exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase, and Binance looking at hiring over 1100 people currently, the crypto space is ripening with opportunities for people to work in the industry. Furthermore, Bitcoin enthusiasts can look for employment specifically in Bitcoin-related fields through Bitcoiner jobs, a dedicated platform that helps connect companies looking for individuals with an aptitude and a passion for Bitcoin.

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