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From bureau to blockchain: These tech heavyweights have made the move

Cryptocurrency, as an innovative industry, has managed to gain some of the top tech and development figures from the leading companies.

Although cryptocurrency might be facing current winter conditions, it would be ignorant to say that the blockchain industry is not attracting some tech heavyweights.

Over the course of last year, tech and social media giants such as Facebook, Google, and Apple lost employees to the burgeoning industry of blockchain and cryptocurrency. In this list, we explore companies who gained seasoned experts from the already established Goliath companies.


Harmony, a consensus platform designed for high production rates, was founded by Stephen Tse and now boasts a number of former tech giant employees. Tse himself has worked for both Apple and Google and now operates the company working with Leo Chen who left Amazon Web Services after four years, and former Apple employee Alok Kothari who helped co-found Harmony. Kothari worked for Apple for three years before branching away to take a post as an engineer of the blockchain company.

Consensys Labs

Consensys Labs, founded by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, gained the skills of former Netflix employee Ryan Lechner in 2017 in order to expand the investments of the platform and manage several of the existing ones. From binging-streaming to blockchain, Lechner hopes to start “[b]reaking the internet for fun and profit [at] ConsenSys Labs”.


One of the top three traded cryptocurrency companies, Ripple gained the service of former Facebook employee Kahina van Dyke as the company’s senior vice president. With experience from Facebook, MasterCard, and Citibank, van Dyke has honed skills in payment procedures and business systems plans. As she transitioned from Facebook to Ripple, van Dyke commented:

“[W]e need a new global technology solution for international payments that offers interoperability with existing systems, connecting them and leveraging their value… Ripple provides a real solution for eliminating the friction in cross-border payments, and it’s delivering value to real customers right now.”