Crypto climate: Robinhood slices a further 23% of its staff


While the cryptocurrency market might not be facing significant downturns after the initial crash, several platforms and exchanges are still struggling to keep up with the market. United States-based crypto exchange Robinhood has announced that 23% of its staff have been let go in order to cut costs to maintain stability in the current market.

According to Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev, the decision comes as a result of the continued deterioration of the macro environment, with inflation continuing to rise. Further to this, the broader cryptocurrency market crash has led to a need to cut resources and focus on greater cost discipline. The CEO stated that the layoff would be impacting all systems in the firm, with particular weight on the operations, marketing, and program management departments. Tenev also noted that this is “unsettling”, with the staff at the exchange being one of the most important parts of the mission.

“I want to acknowledge how unsettling these types of changes are. We often talk about our mission to democratize finance for all, and one of the most cherished aspects of Robinhood is the teamwork and camaraderie involved in working towards our mission — together.”

The news came after the exchange had a mediocre second quarter of revenue. The company posted its quarterly financial results looking at a 44% year-on-year decline. While the results were up 6% from the year’s first quarter, the firm was still looking at a net loss of around $295 million USD in the quarter. In addition to the revenue results, the New York State Department of Financial Services also slapped a whopping $30 million USD fine for the firm’s cryptocurrency branch owing to reported anti-money laundering and consumer protection violations.

Should they wish, the estimated 780 employees will remain employed until the beginning of October with full pay and benefits, as well as job search assistance and the option to have their names added to the Robinhood Alumni Talent Directory.

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