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Craig Wright moves to dismiss billion dollar Bitcoin lawsuit

Craig Wright has moved to file a dismissal against the Bitcoin lawsuit worth $10 billion USD, calling it an “attempted shakedown” prepared on “a thin soup of supposition, speculation, conflicting allegations, hearsay and innuendo.”

Craig Wright, the cryptographer who has claimed to be the elusive Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, was slapped with a $10 billion USD lawsuit in February has moved to file a motion in the US federal court to dismiss it.

As reported, Ira Kleiman – on behalf of his late brother Dave Kleiman – is on the other side of the charge fighting Wright for Dave’s estate. Employed as an author and forensic computer investigator, Dave Kleiman has been associated with working on the development of Bitcoin in the days of the first cryptocurrency’s conception.

At the time, the court papers held Wright accused of coordinating “a scheme against Dave’s estate to seize Dave’s bitcoins and his rights to certain intellectual property associated with the Bitcoin technology” and saw 1.1 million BTC (which translated to approximately $10 billion USD at the time) at the center of contention, as well as including compensation for the claims of intellectual property – which relates to his assertion that he might be the Bitcoin creator.

Wright moved to dismiss the claim in a court filing on 16th April, reasoning that the claims of Ira Kleiman are invalid, lacking a solid foundation, and is an “attempted shakedown” which is prepared on “a thin soup of supposition, speculation, conflicting allegations, hearsay and innuendo.”

The cryptographer claims that Kleiman did not have insight into his late brother’s Bitcoin activities until after 2013 -when David had passed away – and according to the motion to dismiss, he insists that he had told Ira that his brother “might have left a legacy in the form of bitcoins and codes on hard drives held by the estate,” adding that “[no] good deed goes unpunished.”

Wright also claimed that Ira Kleiman “trained his sights on Dr. Wright’s bitcoins” when he could not get into his brother’s Bitcoin funds and “mined Australian tabloids for the raw materials needed to cook up his stew of contradictory, absurd, and legally insufficient allegations.

The motion continues to state that Wright has no control over the private keys needed to access the funds.

Wright’s controversial remarks have gained him a reputation about which many are skeptical, and the Bitcoin community is largely suspicious of any claims he makes.

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of cryptocurrency Ethereum has also called the cryptocurrency investor out for being a ‘fraud’ during a question and answer seminar in early April.