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There will be “no Constantinople in 2018” according to Ethereum developer

An Ethereum developer working on the platform’s hard fork Constantinople has announced that the network will not be launched this year owing to “consensus issues”.

Before the weekend, Constantinople – Ethereum’s planned hard fork – hit a road bump owing to a “consensus issue”.

Constantinople is an Ethereum hard fork being which will update the network in order to achieve an increased efficiency.

Infura, a blockchain infrastructure company, posted about the news on Twitter:

Although, the hard fork was activated on the Ropsten Test network at block 4,230,000 on the 13th of October, the testing now reportedly is facing a consensus issue. Ethereum developer Afri Schoedon released a thread of tweets on the matter which led to his saying that there would be “No Constantinople” this year and that they “have to investigate“.

Schoedon then followed this up with a note that a call would be made by the end of next week:

Although stating that it will not be this year, Schoedon has not given any further details as to when the network might be launched. We will update as the story unfolds.

At present, Ethereum is trading a 5.64% increase in day-on-day trading. ETH is now valued at $211.82 USD.