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Constantinople has officially been postponed to launch in 2019

Following the finding of several bugs on the test platform, the launch of the Ethereum hard fork Constantinople has been delayed.

The launch of Constantinople, the next Ethereum hard fork, has officially been postponed until 2019.

As previously reported, Ethereum developer Afri Schoeden had stated that the fork would not be released this year after hitting several issues related to the consensus of the network.

The team was hoping to activate the fork next month, in November, but have now had to push the launch back. This is as the result of finding bugs in the code that was released on a testnet. In a live-streamed meeting, the team decided that launching this year would not be a good idea and are now aiming to launch in January or February of next year. In the meeting, Schoeden stated:

“I keep getting the feeling that we’re trying to rush this and I would second that we should breathe and see what happens.”

You can watch the documented meeting:

Constanipole is hoping to introduce new features to the Ethereum platform and, since the changes would be backward-compatible, the new network is to be forked. Despite the fact that the network will be delayed, the development team is still eager to move forward with the change. It was explained that the proposed changes, which include reducing the Ether block reward by 33% as well as a potential consensus mechanism change, will still be included in the fork.

As explained, a hard fork creates a blockchain from an original blockchain with new software. The new network is incompatible with the original technology, which is why a new coin is created.

The exact date of Constantinople’s launch remains to be seen.

Posted: Oct 30, 2020 Author: Becky Categories: Coin News