Here is why you need to consider Coin Stats for your crypto portfolio tracking

Coin stats

Tracking Bitcoin s price and how the crypto market is doing is a crucial component of trading and cryptocurrency investing. In order to stay up to date, a trader should be able to depend on a reliable crypto tracker to manage their portfolio. Coin Stats provides a user-friendly platform for traders to track their cryptocurrencies at the click of a button.

Coin Stats is available on both desktop we well as on iOS and Android operating systems. With the mobile crypto tracker app, you can take your portfolio with you and keep an eye on the price movements of the crypto market as you are out and about.

Track your crypto portfolio

Coin Stats offers several fundamental features for cryptocurrency portfolio tracking:

  • Auto syncing of exchanges and wallets
  • Over 3000 different cryptocurrencies available through 100 exchanges
  • Communication with different crypto teams through chat functions with Coin Stats Direct
  • Friendly single interface
  • Support for 13 different languages

The benefits of using Coin Stats as a crypto tracker

When choosing Coin Stats as your crypto portfolio tracker, you receive a number of benefits:

  • Pop-up notifications:

You receive alerts based on your preferences, from breaking news to significant changes in a leading token’s price. There are customizable notification options available so you can choose when and what you hear.

  • News

The news is cultivated from a number of trusted news sources so that you can get updates related to all different kinds of crypto activity.

  • Accessible

With the option for desktop or mobile versions, you can access Coin Stats with ease and convenience.

  • CoinStats Direct

The chat dedicated to connecting traders and investors with project team members. CoinStats Direct is a chat feature which allows users to engage with project members directly.

  • Customer Support

Coin Stats offers customers a user-friendly experience with a comprehensive FAQ section and live customer support.

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