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CoinInsider Cartoon: When the Bear breaks up with the Bull

The Bull never saw it coming. The CoinInsider Cartoon is optimistic about the Bear finally leaving the market.

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Imagine a bitter controlling ex.

Kraken’s Jesse Powell certainly does, according to his recent tweet about the New York Attorney General Office.

Powell’s tweet comes as a result of a recently released report by the OAG. The State report highlights the results of an investigation into cryptocurrency trade exchanges. The findings point to “vulnerabilities” that comes from an absence of transparency and fairness in the exchanges. According to the OAG, these suggest that the exchanges, as well as users of the platform, are susceptible to manipulation.

Now imagine the controlling ex is a red market with harsh conditions. It’d probably look like something which might follow this breakup:

Yeah, we know, it’d be bullishly difficult to try and market a “happily-ever-after” story here. And bear in mind, we’ve tried.

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