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28-year-old realtor becomes Coindaddy, a crypto-rapping sensation

Arya Bahmanyar left a career in real estate after making his alleged fortune in Bitcoin and has now taken to the streets as CoinDaddy, San-Francisco’s, most famous “bitcoin rapper”.

Cryptocurrency sometimes gets a bad wrap for its difficulty to understand, but things are taken to a new level when difficult-to-understand bad raps roll into the scene.

Enter ‘CoinDaddy’, a 28-year-old former real estate agent and self-made “crypto-millionaire” who has taken an almost entirely niche-position in crypto-entertainment. Having been styled as cryptocurrency’s very own ‘Weird Al Yankovic’, CoinDaddy is making his look of a long white fake mink coat, gold-heeled shoes and leopard-print shirts iconic.

The first CoinDaddy track, Affirmations for a Better Trade VOL 1, was inspired by a bad cryptocurrency trade which resulted in a major loss. The rap artiste decided rather than ragequit like other prominent crypto-figures, he should instead channel the negative energy into a creative outlet. CoinDaddy’s sage advice is to listen to the track “before, after, and during all trading sessions.” The wisdom continues in his reminder to “respect the bit” and “[be] the bit.” In the parody meditation, he tells listeners to breathe “bit” in and exhale “coin” out.

In his track, Holding the Bag he mentions several cryptocurrencies and brags about “buying the dips” (purchasing crypto when the price is low in hopes that it will be possible to collect a big gain later). The general advice is to “hold” and this is expressed in the lyrics. “If you want the ride, and you want the riches/Then buy more coin and get the b—–s.”

In an interview, Bahmanyar said that he had thought that he was just “going to make songs that aren’t that good” and it seems as though the not-that-good songs are sticking. Whether the novelty of a crypto-entertainer or an amusing flash-in-the-rap-pan, CoinDaddy is making an impact and has hopes to continue.  The millionaire says he plans to carry on with this distinguished vocation by applying the art of his music in order to “educate newbs” about digital currency.

CoinDaddy is also not the token crypto-rapper hoping to coin it in the industry. ‘Bitcoin-esque hip-hop’ recordings include that of Chris Record, Keem Ibara, Gramatik ‘Satoshi Nakamoto, and Lil Windex.

The rise of rap is good news to CoinDaddy, who thinks that “all our entertainers come from outside crypto culture — not inside crypto, and we’ve got to change that.”