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MicroStrategy Plans $500M Stock Sale to Buy More Bitcoin

MicroStrategy intends to conduct $500M stock sale to finance further acquisitions of Bitcoin, reinforcing its commitment to BTC.

MoonPay Announces PayPal Fiat On-Ramp for UK and EU

MoonPay suggested that PayPal ranks as the third most commonly used payment method in the US, following Apple Pay and traditional bank...

Tuttle Capital’s Latest ETF: Mimicking Congress’ Stock Picks

Tuttle Capital is basing the strategy of its newly proposed ETF on the mandatory stock disclosure filings of U.S. lawmakers.

MP Calls for Blockchain; Crypto Group Rebrands

Australian MP stated that blockchain technology could inject $60 billion into the economy, while the advocacy group feels otherwise.

Singapore Authorities Warn Businesses of Bitcoin Ransomware Threat

Singapore police advised businesses against paying ransom and asked them to report the incident to authorities immediately.

Telegram Launches In-App Currency’ Currency Stars’ for Digital Purchases

On Telegram's Fragment platform, Telegram Stars can be exchanged for Toncoin, a cryptocurrency valued at $18 billion.

Zimbabwe Central Bank Ironing Out Wrinkles in New Currency

According to reports Zimbabwe will now have a currency supported by reserves that are three times greater than its circulation.

McDonald’s Ventures into the Metaverse in Singapore

McDonald's Singapore introduces the 'My Happy Place' in the metaverse, offering locals opportunities and ways to earn rewards.

Bitcoin May Hit New High if US Employment, Inflation Slows

A crypto analyst suggests that if BTC can stay strong despite the lowest job openings in three years, it might hit new record highs.

Block Earner Spared Penalty in Regulator’s Crypto Yield Suit

The Australian Federal Court exempted Block Earner from paying a penalty in the local financial regulator's legal action.

Nigeria’s Interest in Bitcoin Unvexed by Regulatory Restrictions

Interestingly, Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub, does not rank among the top 15 cities in terms of Google search interest for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin EFs Fuel Investment Surge – Binance France President

Approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs is causing traditional investors to see BTC more as a retirement investment option.

PayPal’s New Stablecoin on Solana

Confidential transfers allow merchants to keep transaction amounts private for users while providing transparency for regulatory...

Binance France Changes Ownership Following Regulator Warning

According to reports in order to maintain its French license, Binance cannot have Changpeng Zhao, the former CEO, as its beneficiary.

Ledger Finally Ships Stax Hardware Wallet After Months of Delays

The chief experience officer at Ledger, mentioned that the additional time enabled them to enhance the operating system with more features.

Cristiano Ronaldo Unveils Fourth NFT Collection

Cristiano Ronaldo unveils that the collection will launch on May 29 2024 with fixed pricing across most items.

Hong Kong SFC Considers Allowing Ether Staking for ETF Issuers

The SFC reportedly engaged in discussions with the country's crypto ETF issuers regarding providing staking services via licensed platforms.

BlackRock, Grayscale, and Bitwise Amend ETF Filings Ahead of SEC Decision

As the SEC's deadline for ruling on the approval or disapproval of a spot Ether ETF draws near, 3 asset managers have updated their filings.

Nancy Pelosi Mulls Support for Republicans FIT21 Crypto Bill

The former House Speaker is said to be contemplating backing the Republican crypto bill, diverging from top Democrats.

US Shutdowns Lead to Global Decline in Bitcoin ATMs

Countries around the world significantly boosted the monthly growth of BTC ATMs throughout 2024, collectively approaching the 38,000.

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