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Kraken to expand services to stocks and ETFs

US-based crypto exchange Kraken has announced plans to expand its products with intention to expand globally too.

US government shutdown looms, possibly delaying crypto bills

An impending possible United States government shutdown could spell further delays in the cryptocurrency regulatory legislation.

Binance and CZ fight back with a motion of dismissal

Following the lawsuits against Binance from the SEC, the exchange and its CEO have filed a motion of dismissal.

Mt Gox delays payments even further

Mt Gox has delayed the deadline to reimburse investors yet again, marking another year in a decade long delay.

USDC stablecoin launched on Polkadot Asset Hub

Circle has announced that USD Coin will be launched on the blockchain, extending USDCs presence in the ecosystem.

US authorities to halt Central Bank Digital Currency

Lawmakers in the United States have made moves to impede the development and launch of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the...

CoinEx loses nearly $27 million from attack

Suspicious activity on Crypto Exchange CoinEx seems to be a massive attack with $27 million in Ether drained from the platform.

GBTC price increase inches closer to BTC/USD price

The price of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has increased while Bitcoin price has stayed steady, reducing the "discount" on the trust asset.

Coinbase picks out priorities as part of expansion efforts

Coinbase has announced European Union, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, and Australia as high priorities as its expansions...

MetaMask scam uses false government websites

Crypto scammers have used government-owned URLs to deceive unsuspecting victims and gain unauthorised access to their cryptocurrency...

Stake suffers “suspicious activity”

Crypto gambling platform Stake has seen suspicious activity that could point to $16 million of stolen funds.

BlockFi looks to convert trade-only tokens to stable coins

BlockFi has filed an application for the transfer of "trade-only" assets from users' accounts into stablecoins for users.

Crypto Literacy Scale (CLS): A move towards crypto understanding

A group of researchers have released a study detailing the Crypto Literacy Scale (CLS) which might help increase global cryptocurrency...

Zero-fee for Binance could see a market meltdown

Binance has issued plans to release a zero-fee Bitcoin trading system starting from September 7th with a focus on the BTC/USDT trading pair.

Could crypto make economic risk greater?

According to a report from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), cryptocurrencies pose more risk than reward in emerging markets.

Coinbase has raised its offer for debt buyback

United States-based cryptocurrency exchange has increased the offer for discounted debt owing to tepid interest.

Prometheum’s license sparks regulatory pressure

FINRA and the US SEC are under fire from the House Financial Services Committee regarding the SPBD license granted to Prometheus.

PayPal launches new cryptocurrency platform

As part of its service offering with its new stablecoin, PayPal has launched Cryptocurrency Hub to offer users a way to interact with...

Can stablecoins save the US dollar?

According to Wall Street journalists, stablecoins are the tool to help keep the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

PayPal coin sparks debate in the House of Financial Services

PayPal's newly launched stablecoin, PYUSD, has set the United States House of Financial Services Committee into debate.

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