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Adoption: Romanian university accepts crypto payments

A local public university in Romania becomes the first in the country to allow students to pay fees using cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and betting: Wyoming enables crypto for sports gambling

A new Wyoming state law will allow gamblers to bet on online sports platforms with accounts funded by crypto.

Bullish move: Bitcoin price spikes above $60,000 USD

The bulls in the Bitcoin market are optimistic about Bitcoin's trend in the short-term future as the market sees a wave of positive...

Bitcoin Gold (BTG) sees a spike after Gemini teams up with Brazillian firm

BTG - Bitcoin Gold - has seen a fresh wave of attention, despite the fact that Gemini's new partner firm has nothing to do with it.

Nine new Bitcoin billionaires and what they do in the market

Forbes has just announced its annual billionaires list and there are three times more names on the list from crypto than the year before.

Coinbase Q1 results bullish implication of Bitcoin growth

Leading US exchange Coinbase has announced some impressive results from the first quarter of this year after Bitcoin's explosive growth.

Bitcoin price bullish as whale clusters support strong levels

Bitcoin could be headed for volatile territory as the price of the token has been ranging in non-volatile conditions for over a week.

The dark side of Bitcoin price rising – scams are increasing

According to data collated by the Crown Prosectution Service, crypto-related scams are still low but are set to rise.

Gemini CEO sees a Bitcoin ban as highly unlikely

Tyler Winklevoss believes that an outright ban on Bitcoin is unlikely given the what the industry is offering to the economy.

Ethereum price explodes to a new all-time high

Leading altcoin Ethereum has seen a fresh wave of interest - seeing a healthy surge to a new record high value.

Dogecoin soars “to the moon” after another Musk tweet

Dogecoin price has gained 35% as Elon Musk draws attention to the meme cryptocurrency in a possible April Fool's jest.

Bitcoin sees monumental return in Q1 2021

The price of Bitcoin has surpassed March's expectations - a month typically bearish - boasting a massive Q1 increase in value.

1 Bitcoin worth a Bugatti by 2023 according to Kraken CEO

Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken, thinks that there are better metrics to measure Bitcoin price and that the strength is only gaining from here.

Altcoin season? Bitcoin dominance suggests so

Bitcoin dominance sitting at a low point this year points to signs that we might be heading towards a strong altcoin season.

Soros Fund executive sees genuine opportunity in Bitcoin

Dawn Fitzpatrick, CIO at the Soros Fund Management, has confirmed that the firm is looking at Bitcoin as a new commodity to consider.

Bitcoin price still rallying according to analyst

According to PlanB, Bitcoin price is still on its way upwards despite the minor fall below the new all-time high.

Bitcoin to $400,000? Yes, according to Bloomberg analyst

A Bloomberg analyst thinks that Bitcoin is on its way upwards to reach a $400,000 USD price tag if it maintains the current trajectory.

Bitcoin price takes massive knock as investors cash out

As Bitcoin market cap tagged $1 trillion USD, it seems investors are looking to take profit amidst the bull run.

Bitcoin still poised for volatility, according to Bank of America

Research from the Bank of America suggests that it won't take a great amount of US Dollar inflows to move the Bitcoin market.

Bitcoin bullish following Federal announcement

Bitcoin is looking like it's on its way upwards again following an announcement from the Federal Reserve regarding the economic strength.

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