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Crypto adoption amidst the crypto winter

Businesses and companies are looking to cryptocurrency more and more as an opportunity for an alternative payments option.

Despite the bear run, Bitcoin whales are still accumulating

According to data from on-chain analytics firm, there has been increased resolve from long-term Bitcoin investors.

Central African Republic officially launches crypto initiative

The crypto-friendly country has launched its state-backed cryptocurrency project to create further financial inclusion for citizens.

Coinbase looks to expand despite crypto winter

While the rest of the industry struggles with plummeting prices, Coinbase is looking to expand operations into Europe.

Analysis: Crypto market might not be as bearish as expected

According to on-chain analytics data, the cryptocurrency market might be headed towards a rally sooner than people expect.

How to invest in the crypto market during a bear run

When things are uncertain in the cryptocurrency market, it's tricky to choose a strategy and decide which projects to put your money behind.

Bitcoin adoption: African country launches crypto initiative

The president of the Central African Republic has announced plans of a crypto initiative that could unfold to adopting Bitcoin as legal...

Coinbase struggles: Downgraded to “sell” by Goldman Sachs

Analysts at Goldman Sachs have downgraded Coinbase Gloab Inc (COIN) shares to "sell" as a result of the crypto winter.

Hedge fund exec: CBDCs aren’t competing against crypto

According to ARK36 executive director, cryptocurrencies aren't at risk as Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) become more popular.

Cryptocurrency expansion: UC launches new programmes

The University of Cincinnati has announced new courses centred around cryptocurrency to educate students about the emerging technologies.

“Bitcoin is dead” but majority of addresses remain profitable

Critics are saying that Bitcoin is dead; crypto winter seeing slashed prices across the market. However, 56% of all wallets are still...

Iran: No more national energy to Bitcoin mining

According to the Iranian Ministry of Energy, Bitcoin mining firms will not receive energy from the national service provider.

Crypto crash: 72% of the top tokens have dropped by nearly 90%

A whopping 72% of the leading cryptocurrencies in the market have fallen by nearly 90% in the past few day's trading.

As crypto declines, Kraken continues its hiring strategy

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has announced that it will continue to hire new roles for the rest of the year, despite a downturn in the...

Coinbase slices 18% of staff amidst crypto bear market

Leading cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase has announced that its staff will be reduced by 18% as a result of the economic recession.

Bitcoin shreds value: Will institutional investors HODL or sell?

According to MicroStrategy's CEO, the investment firm has contingency plans for Bitcoin's volatility and will be HODLing despite the...

The NFT market plummets with the crypto industry

As Bitcoin's price is shredded, the value of other decentralized assets like altcoins and NFTs takes a massive knock.

Mastercard’s crypto expansion: Growing the NFT ecosystem

Global payments provider Mastercard continues its development in blockchain the industry, offering users a way to buy NFTs directly.

Report: Bitcoin global adoption to reach 10% by 2030

According to a report released by blockchain intelligence firm, Bitcoin adoption is rapidly increasing and will reach 10% adoption by 2030.

Can New York ban crypto mining in the region?

The New York State has pushed forward a bill to ban PoW mining - resulting in an outcry from the crypto community.

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