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US Senator attempts to ban CBDC with new legislation

United States Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a new bill that aims to prevent the launch of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the...

The top three privacy-focused cryptocurrencies

Privacy cryptocurrencies are designed to offer the greatest anonymity and security possible with untraceable transactions.

Anchorage announces layoffs amidst regulatory uncertainty

Another cryptocurrency firm has announced that it will be reducing its workforce to better focus resources.

What are crypto firms going to do with banking options?

With leading banks that service crypto closing down, what other options do crypto firms have for finances? In this, we explore.

The crypto-friendly Signature Bank slapped by lawsuit

The cryptocurrency-friendly Signature Bank and its former executives are being sued by shareholders for alleged fraud and misleading claims.

UK government plans to rescue companies impacted by SVB

The UK government has stepped in with an emergency plan to rescue the affected companies from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

Thailand’s SEC wants to move forward with crypto staking ban

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand has called for public input on a ban on crypto lending and staking programmes.

Five things that are driving the uptick in decentralised assets

We're seeing more and more investors and traders looking to decentralised assets. In this, we explore five factors that are driving the...

Thailand will offer tax breaks for digital asset token issuers

Thailand's government is tallowing tax-free issuance of digital tokens for investment for companies in a bid to grow the digital asset...

The benefit of Bitcoin in a country’s financial system

Regulatory infrastructure regarding Bitcoin has become a hot topic. In this, we look at the top reasons why BTC can help the financial...

Ukrainian banks restrict crypto withdrawals

The Ukrainian government has suspended withdrawals and deposits into crypto exchanges. In response, Binance suggests using P2P services.

Digital expansion: Which countries are exploring CBDCs?

As the Reserve Bank of Australia looks to explore a CBDC, we look at which countries are looking to launch a national digital currency.

Americans unhappy with traditional finance; looking to crypto

A recent survey has shown that 80% of American adults are dissatisfied with the financial system as it is, with 20% owning crypto.

Grayscale CEO: The Bitcoin Trust could return billions of dollars

According to the CEO of Grayscale Investment Michael Sonnenshein, if the SEC were to approve the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust as an ETF, a...

Digital adoption: Colombia holds court case in the Metaverse

The Colombian government is paving the way for Metaverse expansion is sectors across the country, from legal disputes to education.

Coinbase preyed on by sophisticated attack campaign

Leading beginner-friendly crypto exchange Coinbase was a recent target of a sophisticated social engineering attack.

New York state is enhancing cryptocurrency monitoring

The New York State Department of Financial Services has announced that it will be improving cryptocurrency-related capacities to monitor...

Blockchain-related Illinois Senate bill mocked by crypto community

A bill that was introduced in Illinois sets to oversee blockchain networks and smart contract development in "unworkable" legislation.

Stablecoin and Defi regulation necessary, according the FSB

A standard set of regulations is necessary according to the Financial Stability Board, a regulator supported by the Bank for International...

Are stablecoins really the issue in the Paxos lawsuit?

According to the head of research at Matrixport, the crackdown on Paxos doesn't have to do with stablecoins but rather the exchange's...

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