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Coin Dive

Coin Dive catches up with leading luminaries in the cryptocurrency space and explores the ideologies and viewpoint of those right at the beating heart of the blockchain industry.

Join our CEO and host, Nic Haralambous, on and through your favorite podcasting platforms – you can subscribe to Coin Dive on iTunes and Stitcher.

Past Episodes:

Simon de la Rouviere

We could do without Bitcoin maximalists – an interview with Simon de la Rouviere

In the sixth episode of Coin Dive, we talk to Simon de la Rouviere about his views on Ethereum, crypto collectibles, and what his views are on the influence of the individual on blockchain projects.

tone vays

“I think Ethereum is a waste of a project” – an interview with Tone Vays

In the fifth episode of Coin Dive, we speak to Tone Vays about his views on Bitcoin, ICOs, Ethereum, and whether he feels like the cryptocurrency sphere is anything like Wall Street.

jimmy song interview

No altcoin is decentralized – an interview with Jimmy Song

In the fourth episode of Coin Dive, we talk to Jimmy Song about his views on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency investment, enterprise blockchains, Craig Wright, and much more.

Vinny Lingham

“Cryptocurrencies will change the world, in a way that Bitcoin could have” – an interview with Vinny Lingham

In the third episode of Coin Dive, we interview cryptocurrency entrepreneur Vinny Lingham and explore his thoughts on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and unpack the direction of his secure identity startup, Civic.

simon dingle

‘In math we trust’ – an interview with Simon Dingle, cryptocurrency entrepreneur and author

In the second episode of Coin Dive, we interview cryptocurrency entrepreneur and author Simon Dingle on his outlook on the future of money.

Riccardo Spagni

‘Ideology is as important as the technology behind it’ – an interview with Riccardo Spagni from Monero

In the first episode of Coin Dive – the CoinInsider podcast – we interview lead Monero developer Riccardo Spagni and explore his ideology and involvement in cryptocurrency.