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San-Francisco startup Civic to reveal beer-selling cryptocurrency vending machine – Daily News Roundup

May 14th 2018: In today’s news Civic will unveil new crypto vending machine to legally sell beer, LG Corporation subsidiary launches its new blockchain based platform for commercial, communicative and manufacturing logistics and Bezant’s ICO raises an astonishing $16.8 million USD in under an hour.

Fine like wine: Civic’s crypto vending machine – selling beer only to adults

San Francisco-based startup Civic will be revealing the first ever “crypto beer vending machine” next week.

The startup has partnered with beverage mega-corporation Anheuser-Busch in order to bring a prototype which will display the use of blockchain technology in identity verification.

The demo will also be able to show the ways in which blockchain technology could be used in the future to give the opportunity for all kinds of age-restricted products to become a possibility in the vending machine market.

Civic’s Titus Capilnean has said that this is not just limited to alcohol and “could be for any kind of age-restricted product” such as unguarded “entrance to casinos, and then for the vending machines, we can see this going into concerts, ballgames, venues, conferences“.

LG CNS launches “Monachain”, its brand new shiny blockchain platform

LG CNS has just revealed its new service powered by blockchain technology.

The subsidiary of the South Korean arm of the LG Corporation, LG CNS, has developed and released ‘Monachain – its own platform which has been created in order to establish logistics in the commercial, manufacturing and communication industries using blockchain technology.

One of Monachain’s major functions will provide a digital verification system, a new cryptocurrency, and a tool for digital supply chain management. The platform will also enable customers to open digital wallets and then manage monetary processes.

Local newsagent Yonhap has reported that the company is looking to strike a deal with local banks to offer its virtual currency business to more individuals.

Bezant ICO fund raises the roof with million dollar presale in under an hour