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Circle Invest adds Monero to its growing ranks of listed cryptocurrencies

A week after Circle Invest added ZCash to the ranks of cryptocurrencies available, the investment application announced that Monero has also been added to the app’s list of available currencies, joining in the collection of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin.

When Circle Invest announced that they were adding ZCash to their listed cryptocurrencies last week, the announcement came with a promise that more exciting news would follow soon. It looks like the company is fulfilling the promise quicker than expected with the latest announcement that they will be adding another currency in the form of Monero to their listings.

Monero, a cryptocurrency with a focus on privacy like ZCash, has been added to their growing collection of coins and the company are excited that there are now seven cryptocurrency tokens available on their platform, which they boast makes “Circle Invest one of the only platforms you can invest instantly and seamlessly in the widest breadth of coins by using your bank account.”

Circle Invest now lists the two privacy-focused coins ZCash and Monero as well as the earlier inclusions of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin.

As previously reported, the announcement of the launch of ZCash on the application came shortly after the Circle Invest application confirmed that it had acquired Poloniex, U.S. based cryptocurrency exchange. It was suggested when the acquisition took place that chances of future cryptocurrency-related efforts and platforms that were likely to increase.

Bearing in mind that Circle Invest is still a young startup, they are making it a point to make waves as “app that’s actually built around investing, not trends”. There is talk that the platform might be working to include Ripple’s XRP as a supported platform. However, nothing has been confirmed.

The announcement concluded with a call to action for users to get connected, promoting and hinting at new assets which might be added to the platform.

“Stay tuned and follow @circleinvest on Twitter for more information on how we think about adding assets into our products, and a few more great features along the way!”