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Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson on cryptocurrency: the “future is bright”

In a recent dip in the markets, any insight into a positive trajectory for cryptocurrency is welcome, and this is what Charles Hoskinson is offering in a recent tweet of optimism.

Following the positive approach of Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong, Cardano’s founder is hoping to shed some light on what looks like a dark situation in the world of cryptocurrency.

Charles Hoskinson, the creator of the open-sourced Cardano, who has become prominent in the cryptocurrency community as one knowledgeable in the market and patterns, has a massive following on social media. With his influence, he has moved to Twitter to attempt to encourage digital currency users despite the current downturn in the markets.

Telling his 92,000 or so followers that the “future is bright“, Hoskinson suggested that the markets might be taking a turn for the bull – rather than the bear – soon, and saying that the industry is heading in a multi-trillion dollar direction.

Critics might call it far-fetched, but the market expert’s forecast seems to match up to the recent round of adoption from major financial firms, such as Goldman Sachs and Intercontinental Exchange who are promising to reveal the opening of cryptocurrency futures trading desks soon.

Cardano – currently sitting as one of the top ten cryptocurrencies – has seen a day-on-day increase of 4.35% and is now trading at $0.13 USD. Whether the rise has been influenced by its founder’s positivity, however, would only be conjecture.