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When will Bitcoin ‘finish’?

The last Bitcoin will supposedly be mined in 2140, but what will happen thereafter? We explore Bitcoin mechanics and what it might develop into in the near future.

Are Bitcoin transactions traceable?

While it may exist in a public ledger, are Bitcoin transactions really traceable? We dive in to explore how blockchain technology creates a transparent monetary system, and what role privacy-focussed cryptocurrencies play.

What are smart contracts?

Blockchain technology provides users around the world with a means to issue peer-to-peer transactions, but how are agreements facilitated? We dive to unpack smart contracts and their potential use cases.

What are decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges?

While the emergence of blockchain technology has created decentralized currency, they also offer potential for decentralized currency exchanges. Here, we explore what a decentralized exchange is and unpack their strengths and weaknesses.

What are blockchains used for?

Although it was first outlined in the Bitcoin white paper, blockchain technology may find a home in a variety of fields. Here, we unpack where blockchain technology may be used in the future.

What are cryptocurrency exchanges?

Investors interested in purchasing cryptocurrencies have more than one way to wade into the water – we explore what a cryptocurrency exchange is, the different kinds of exchange, and unpack their strengths and weaknesses.

Is Ethereum money?

Ethereum is frequently labeled as Bitcoin’s ‘competitor’, but do the two really rival each other? We explore how Ether serves as a currency and what its primary use case is.

What is Bitcoin’s ‘Lightning Network’?

The Lightning Network has rapidly gained prevalence as the solution that could expand Bitcoin to millions of consumers, merchants, and institutions. We explore what this solution is, and how it will impact Bitcoin itself.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a platform that uses blockchain technology to replace ‘third party’ internet vendors that store data or keep track of complex financial instruments.

What are ‘darkcoins’?

Darkcoins – or privacy focussed cryptocurrencies – use new blockchain protocols and technologies to obscure transacting parties and transferred sums. We unpack three of the leading darkcoins, and explore their potential future.