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What is ‘proof of stake’?

Proof of stake mining has been touted as a convincing alternative to proof of work mining – but what does the term really mean? Here, we explore the advantages and disadvantages of staking.

What is a Bitcoin mining pool?

Some Bitcoin miners eschew working in isolation, and instead opt to join a ‘mining pool’. Here, we explain what these organizations are and unpack their benefits and drawbacks.

What is a decentralized application?

In recent years, open-source software that leverages blockchain technology have come to the fore – but what are decentralized applications, or ‘dApps’ really? Here, we dive in.

What is a 51% attack?

We’ve heard of 51% attacks, and how awful they can be for altcoins, but we don’t often hear about what that means. In this, we tackle the basic concept, along with what a double-spend is.

Are Bitcoin transactions instant?

Bitcoin is a far faster means of exchange, but are transactions instant? We explore how long it takes to facilitate one Bitcoin transaction, and what might cause delays.

Which Bitcoin wallet should I use?

Buying Bitcoin is only half the journey – and storing cryptocurrency is another challenge entirely. Here, we unpack which Bitcoin wallet will suit your needs best.

When will Bitcoin ‘finish’?

The last Bitcoin will supposedly be mined in 2140, but what will happen thereafter? We explore Bitcoin mechanics and what it might develop into in the near future.

Are Bitcoin transactions traceable?

While it may exist in a public ledger, are Bitcoin transactions really traceable? We dive in to explore how blockchain technology creates a transparent monetary system, and what role privacy-focussed cryptocurrencies play.

What are smart contracts?

Blockchain technology provides users around the world with a means to issue peer-to-peer transactions, but how are agreements facilitated? We dive to unpack smart contracts and their potential use cases.

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