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The top four tokens gain BIG as Bitcoin nears $4000 USD in price

As Bitcoin price increases, the impact that the other tokens see is positive – and green – with EOS seeing up to 20% gains.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

After weeks and weeks of non-volatility around a $3600 range, the leading cryptocurrency is showing signs of breaking the red and going for the green. Bitcoin price is hitting nearly $4000, and Ethereum, Ripple, and EOS are following suit.

Looking at data taken from Coin360, the market is a field of green, with the major tokens showing a positive gradient of between 5% and 25% increases.

Bitcoin, which has been struggling to break through the $3600 mark, has snapped the resistance band and is hitting nearly $4000. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is up by 5.25% and is trading for $3,943.38. This is the second time this year that Bitcoin has been this high in price, and the first time this month.

Bitcoin price


Ethereum has regained its spot as the leading altcoin. Seeing gains of 7.17%, Ethereum has followed the price increase similar to Bitcoin, but with relatively less sharp spikes upwards. This is the first time in over a month that Ethereum is valued at over $129. At is stands, Ethereum is valued at nearly $150 with a valuation of $147.92.

Ethereum price

The third-ranked token Ripple, which was holding the second spot in the market cap ranks, has exactly a 10% increase in day-on-day trading. Ripple has been ranging around $0.29 and $0.30 and is now valued at $0.34190. Although not as smooth as Ethereum’s increase, Ripple price has been increasing greatly along with the market cap for Ripple. The charts show the market cap spike in blue; emphasising the increase that Ripple has seen over the past few hours.

Ripple price

Finally, EOS has seen a massive spike in price. As it stands, EOS is a whopping 20.94% up in day-on-day trading and is showing few signs of slowing down. The market cap has leapt up and has subsequently shot the price of the token up with it. Over the month, EOS was ranging between $2.20 and $2.25 and is now valued at $3.57.

EOS price

If the cryptomarkets can hold their green and show steady and consistent gains, then it might be time for a celebration. For now, we remain cautiously optimistic while we wait for the bull to take over.

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