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Brian Kelly claims Bitcoin Cash is a “must-buy”

Major cryptocurrency investor and trader Brian Kelly thinks that Bitcoin Cash’s use cases will be proof of when “usefulness translates into value” and urges to invest in the Bitcoin hard fork.

Written by Rebecca Leighton Published on

Major crypto-investor claims Bitcoin Cash is where to put your money

Brian Kelly tells the world that Bitcoin Cash is the “must-own” cryptocurrency today.

The CEO of investment firm BKCM LLC discussed the matter at a Bitcoin Cash mining meeting and said that if a person is looking to invest in cryptocurrency right now; Bitcoin Cash is where the crypto-party is.

His thinking comes from the idea that blockchains gain value through use cases, saying that “usefulness translates into value” and that Bitcoin Cash has the right ecosystem, with a confident community as well as some of the most bullish advocators in cryptocurrency, for this usefulness and value – and therefore money – to follow.




Taking a gander at the figures, the beginning of May saw a boost in price to $1600 USD and then took a dive. The prices have been volatile (in a classic cryptocurrency fashion) over the past day and the token price has dropped from a value of $1290 USD to $1205 USD. Even so, this is still better than the level it saw in April level at $760 USD.

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