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Brave confirms plans to trial BAT-driven, opt-in advertisements

The creator of Javascript’s web browser Brave is moving to solve the problems of online advertising. His team is launching the testing phases of the BAT project which is hoping to succeed in restoring customer privacy online.

Written by Becky Leighton Published on

You’ve got to be Brave to launch an advertisement platform.

Today, the web browsing application developed by Javascript’s Brendon Eich has announced that it will be piloting user trials for its advertisement focused platform soon.

The platform, dubbed the Basic Attention Token (BAT), is a niche project which hopes to eradicate many of the issues found in online advertising. Using blockchain technology, it is looking to decentralize the way in which digital advertising takes place.

Brave has said that it will first initiate a voluntary program of BAT which will offer rewards to users who choose to see a variety of 250 pre-packaged advertisements which have been allowed on the browser. Users will not have the risk of being tracked by third parties – which is one of the BAT project’s key issues to target.

When the platform has been fully released, Brave users will receive a 70% portion of the advertisement revenue, paid in BAT tokens which will be automatically converted to a fiat local currency.

Brave has also detailed the roadmap for the upcoming season, saying that later this month they will be conducting further research with more customers in order to improve user modeling and browser integration of certain features. The company hopes to expand the user trials in a few months to come and will be focusing on the dynamics of the rewards system. This phase will see thousands of advertisements trusted and users will have the opportunity to earn tokens by interacting with the adverts.

The Brave team are thrilled at the prospect and have said that they are “excited about unveiling this phase of [their] development, and about rolling out a system that properly values user attention.”

Currently, BAT is down by 4.16% day-on-day and is presently trading at $ 0.25 USD.

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