Three top tips to stay updated in blockchain: A beginner’s guide

In an industry which is built on the fast-paced, it can be difficult at times to keep up with what, where and why things are happening.

Despite the fact that we literally have the news at our fingertips, it’s not always obvious what might be worth paying attention to, or what might be the result of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). Furthermore, with how quickly things are moving along, we might not be able to keep up with the stories, the jargon, and the banter.

In this, we will be exploring the best and most accurate ways of staying up to date with any blockchain happenings (and while we will try our best not to completely self-advertise, we can’t promise anything).

Straight from the horse’s mouth

As one becomes more involved in the blockchain, one becomes more aware of the ‘thought leaders’ that are in the cryptocurrency space, the speakers that are worth listening, and the opinions that are valuable. To a degree, this might be subjective, depending on what form of blockchain or cryptocurrency interests a person, but there are general voices which have made their mark in the industry and have gained credible reputations.

Those who have been in the field for long, and have been involved in long-term projects have become thought leaders, as well as leaders in verified and reputable blockchain companies. Often, they have blog posts or Twitter accounts in order to keep users updated with their thoughts.

Other Twitter users worth a follow are those who endeavor to offer reliable advice with objective content.

Hashing out the best: Five crypto-Twitter accounts you need to follow


Reddit is one of the most popular sites that can be found online and generally is able to maintain the pace of the fast-moving innovative industry.

While there is the risk of inaccuracy that might appear on Reddit and other forums, as a result of users who are spreading FUD, the space is generally maintained with some gold nuggets of advice and information ready to be mined and it’s worth keeping an eye on subreddits that might interest you in order to stay as well updated on the topic as possible.

Although it might come with a dose of complexity, trying to traverse the space is not impossible. Luckily, we have a hand “how to” for this very aspect in keeping up with the cryptos.

Cryptocurrency subreddits: All the Reddit threads you should be reading

News sites

Well, for this, you’re certainly already in the right place. Stick tight with us at Coin and you’ll get what you need to know. We also suggest that you also check out our picks for the best apps to stay updated on your mobile.

A word of caution, especially in blockchain and cryptocurrency related matters, is that is always a good idea to cross-check sources to ensure that the news is reliable and the content is accurate.

Five great free cryptocurrency news apps for your phone

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